Fine Tribal Art Galleries

These are the finest galleries in the world that feature tribal art. They are listed here by their area of primary focus and thereafter in alphabetical order. Some are listed in more than one category because they exhibit and offer outstanding expertise and objects of high quality within more than one genre of tribal art. All here are supporting the mission of providing essential support and action for special needs children and adults.


Upcoming Tribal Art Auctions


The finest auction houses in the world are known to feature tribal art of elite quality. Herein are the most important upcoming auctions for you to register, bid and acquire an object or objects of importance and beauty. Each of these auction houses is supporting our efforts for special needs children and adults, we encourage you to support them.


Upcoming Tribal Art Events

Extraordinary events where tribal art is exhibited for sale and to view are year-round. Here are the list of major tribal shows coming through the remainder of 2019. Please click on any square to find out more information and communicate directly with the event promoters, who are supporting the important mission of helping the growing special needs community.


“The Keepers”: Museums With Tribal Art

In addition to major international museums with stunning tribal art collections, there are many museums with tribal art collections who are flying under the radar. Here we present you with both. Each museum represented has an exhibited or hidden tribal art collection. This category’s upgrades are already being developed for Phase II.


Tribal Services



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