About Us

1. Who Are We?

Tribal ArtSNAP is an innovative media-marketing and exhibition platform. Our mission is to expand the awareness and support of galleries and museums who form the core of this extraordinary field of art, featuring Ancient art, Asian art, and "Tribal" Art. Tribal Art here includes the Art of Africa, the Americas, and Oceania.

The platform is an entry point for creativity and innovation in this underexposed genre of important and powerful art. With their participation, galleries and museums are contributing to a new organization devoted to programs and services for autistic children, teens, and adults internationally.   Merging passions often yields the type of magic that can improve lives.

2. How are the Galleries Selected?

The fundamental basis of the experience on this platform for the user is that each interaction with any gallery should be sweet and leave you feeling satisfied. To that end, the galleries on the platform are selected from a pool of galleries who have a reputation for quality, integrity, and authenticity; all galleries either continue to exhibit at top international shows in their particular area of specialization or have a history of exhibiting in the past. Other factors, such as membership in organizations devoted to authenticity and accreditation, specialization and expertise, and a history of publication in a specialized area.  

Galleries are invited and may or may not choose to be present on this platform. The absence of a gallery here is not an indication, nor intended to be an indication that such a gallery is not of the highest integrity and presents magnificent, authentic objects.  Regardless of where one finds great pieces, it is recommended that art buyers do their due-diligence and that they feel completely comfortable with the experience. .

3. If I buy something from one of these galleries, does their inclusion on this platform provide me any assistance?

Good question! The good news is that these galleries already are of the finest quality and are known for excellence and set the standards for professionalism. To be on this platform, all galleries must follow the basic standards of guaranteeing authenticity of all objects that they offer represented to the best of their professional knowledge and belief.   Buyers must also be provided appropriate purchase documentation and any background information with stated provenance where relevant. While we are not watchdogs, we want buyers to have the maximum positive experience in every occasion.

4. What is the “Keepers” Museum Project?

Our “Keepers” project is an ambitious effort which has just begun; the Tribal ArtSNAP team works directly with as many international museums as possible with Asian, Ancient, and Tribal art collections, both on display and hidden away. At the outset, as you can see, the Team wants visitors to have the most immediate, direct access to worldwide museum websites that may have never yet been as easily accessible in a single visual platform. The objective is clear--new, direct, never before-granted access to museum curators, groups of friends of museums and groups with shared interests for the first time.  A bridge in which new projects, creativity, and magic will be the result. We also can build platforms for museums in countries who may not have a website or help with museums struggling with their online presence. If a museum currently does not have a website, we are unable to include them on the list, but as the platform evolves, we will be assisting museums with the effort to increase their visibility.  We look forward to your feedback on the form on the Keepers page.

5. I feel like the platform is very simple. What does it offer me? I like getting the direct access to galleries I can visit online, but want to see new objects to consider and potentially purchase. And I would like to see what these museums have to exhibit on this platform!

More good feedback--we agree. So bear with us! The next phase of the platform is nearly complete and features opportunities to view beautiful objects for sale in a different way than the art in these categories has ever been presented.  Exciting innovation can take time in the digital world but we are on it. And because this is our full-time job, we are able to modify and improve the platform every day, and add fresh content daily.

6. Asian and Ancient Art are not necessarily "tribal", why are they listed here? The site is called "Tribal ArtSNAP". What's up with that?

The good questions never cease!. The site is evolving to feature all of these important sectors of the art in a new way, with vibrant, layered content and structure.   Just stay tuned! Aboriginal art, arms and armor, antique textiles, antique rugs, antique jewelry...we are just getting started! Regarding the platform title--our Team is on it!

7. What is your privacy policy and what will I get in terms of mail volume if I sign up for your mailing list?  

All of our practices will be in compliance with US Federal laws such as Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC)[1914], and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), agreed upon by the European Parliament and Council in April 2016 and the Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec as the primary laws regulating how companies protect EU citizens' personal data.  We do not sell your data to outside or data-mining companies.  We follow the EU “Cookie Law” that, while we use cookies to offer the user a more positive interaction with the platform, each visitor is given a notification at the opening of the site to advise you of your right to disallow the platform’s use of cookies.

We send emails or correspondence to only those who have opted in; we also only send email we believe will be of “compelling interest” (no digital postcards). We are tired of email that isn't interesting, and we don't want to be saturated. Our social media venues will have more regular, daily updates and notifications, which you can receive if you choose.

How is Tribal ArtSNAP Connected to Services and Programs for Children, Teens and Adults with Autism?

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