Welcome to TRIBAL ARTSNAP, the online destination platform showcasing the world’s elite tribal and ancient art galleries,  museums with tribal and ancient art collections, and much more.  The “SNAP”  translates to Special Needs Action Project.  All activities on this platform will help fund services and programs for children, teenagers, and adults with special needs-more specifically, autism and other related neurological conditions in underserved populations.  This platform will appear in many phases of development, with Phase I set to premiere in early June.  The site will grow, evolve and change on a daily basis.

We hope you will enjoy Tribal ArtSNAP and support the important work we are doing.  Our mission is to help a broad international audience experience the magic of tribal and ancient art for the first time. We should all feel proud of every individual, company, or organization represented on this site—with their presence, you can know they are all participating in helping in this important cause.

Andrew J. Berz , Tribal ArtSNAP

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